The Parish Council is consulted for its local knowledge but does not determine a Planning Application. This is the role of the Planning Committee at North Yorkshire Council (NYC) (made up of District Councillors) or sometimes by the Planning Officers using delegated powers. Their decisions are based upon Planning Policies set out in the Local Plan, Planning Policy Statements and Government Guidance.

How do I view a Planning Application?  

You can view the document on line by clicking the link below.


North Yorkshire Council's Planning Portal


What do I do if I have an interest or want to object to a Planning Application?  

 You need to view the Planning Application and study all the documentation. If you wish to object/comment on a Planning Application you can use the planning portal (see link above) to go onto their Public Access service where you can submit your comments electronically. Alternative you can write to them at  Planning Services (Harrogate Area) North Yorkshire Council,  PO Box 787, Harrogate HG1 9RW. Your objections need to relate to material planning considerations which include:-

  • the Local Plan/Local Development Framework
  • Other planning policies and supplementary planning guidance and documents published by the Council.
  • The National Planning Policy Framework and other Government advice.
  • Highway Safety
  • Landscape impact
  • Local amenity, noise and privacy
  • Conservation of buildings, trees, etc
  • Case law and previous decisions
  • Siting, design, appearance, materials and scale of proposed buildings and landscaping of a site
  • Public services such as sewage and surface water drainage
  • Safeguarding including flooding, airfield flight paths and important mineral reserves
  • Public rights of way
  • Contaminated or unstable land

Conservation Area

 To view the  Tockwith Conservation Area Character Appraisal which was approved 14 October 2009 please click the link.