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Below are the current members of the Parish Council

E-mail links appear where these are available. Residents may contact a Councillor direct at any time about any matter which is concerning them. You may also wish to send a copy of your e-mail correspondence to the Parish Clerk if you wish the matter to  be raised at a meeting of Tockwith with Wilstrop Parish Council. 

Please contact the Clerk: parish.clerk@tockwith.gov.uk

Member Email
Chairman:  Arnold Warneken - Cowthorpe Ward


Vice Chairman: Susan Corbett - Tockwith Ward sue.corbett@tockwith.gov.uk
Kriston Wright - Tockwith Ward kriston.wright@tockwith.gov.uk
Alex Marsh - Cowthorpe Ward alex.marsh@tockwith.gov.uk
Sarah Pearce - Tockwith Ward sarah.pearce@tockwith.gov.uk
Simon Blake - Tockwith Ward simon.blake@tockwith.gov.uk
Ray Clark - Tockwith Ward ray.clark@tockwith.gov.uk
Graeme McBride - Tockwith Ward graeme.mcbride@tockwith.gov.uk


 Councillor's completed Register of Interests can be found here

Tockwith with Wilstrop Parish Council's Code of Conduct can be found here  

Staffing Structure       Employers Liability Certificate

Parish Clerk/Responsible Financial Officer